My relationship with Teldar had been one of client seeking new talent during our organization transformation while with my previous employer.  I found the staff to be very professional and responsive.  As a result, when a family decision was made to relocate, Jeff Flannery and the Teldar Group were my first choice to provide their professional services in matching me with a first class employer in an area.

With an established robust placement process, I received timely responses following each phase of the process and was always provided a very good briefing in preparation for the next phase.  Now that I am settled into my new job, the Teldar group is continuing to provide a superior level of service.  Jeff and the entire Teldar team, thanks for being the superb matchmaker on both fronts.

Vice President – PSCM & BP

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Career Resources for Procurement Professionals

Are you ready for a new job? If you are reading this page, you probably are. But who has the time to look for a new job? It is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time. And even if you did have the time, good luck getting your resume to the hiring manager. If you send your resume to a Fortune 500 company, it goes into their database of 500,000 resumes never to be seen again. Recruiters are a good option. However, they are only going to call you when one of their clients is specifically looking for your background.  And even then, the company is choosing you, not you choosing the company.

We have 8,000 candidates and only place a small percentage of them every year. And we are probably the largest search firm in procurement and we are one of the only recruiters who specialize in: Purchasing and Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics job placement.

Why Select the Teldar Group as Your Recruiter?

  1. Expertise: We only recruit strategic sourcing, procurement, purchasing, and supply chain professionals. We have in depth knowledge of your skill sets and the market.
  2. Opportunities: We work with the best companies, including British Petroleum, Nestle, Chevron, Nokia and Danaher, just to name a few.
  3. Access to Unadvertised, Exclusive Positions: We know of numerous positions that are never publicly posted.
  4. Advice and Preparation: We will provide unparalleled interview preparation and long term career advice.
  5. We Have Your Career in Mind: We will not attempt to put you into a position that does not fit with your goals or skills. It is our desire to see you in a role that you will excel in.

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