Ask Questions

It is important in any interview that you ask several questions. Some of these questions can be general like, “What is your company culture?” However, a good chunk of your questions should be specific to the company and the position. So, you need to do some homework before the interview. Check out the company’s website. Read their recent press releases. Talk to colleagues to find out more about the company. You need to prepare so you can ask insightful questions. In addition, we have included a great list of questions called “Interviewing the Interviewer”

Be Very Careful of “Me” Questions

The me questions. “What is the salary?” “How long before I get promoted?” “How much vacation do I get?” Etc. These are all important questions that need to get answered. However, there is an appropriate time and place for these questions and in the first couple of interviews, it is completely inappropriate. Interviewing is like dating. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before you get married. However, if you asked all of them on the first date, there probably won’t be a second date, even if that person might be your perfect match. Work with your Teldar Group recruiter to get these questions answered at the appropriate time.

This is just one step in the overall process.  Remember to review the other five steps below to make sure you are fully prepared.

Six Steps to Prepare for an Interview

  1. Preparing & Answering Interview Questions
  2. Energy & Enthusiasm
  3. Pace
  4. Addressing Weaknesses
  5. Asking Questions
  6. Interview Checklist

Note: Click to download the entire Guide to Preparing for an Interview.