Keeping a Good Pace

Pace is very important in an interview. Usually, candidates blurt out answers immediately after the interviewer asks them. Candidates hate silence. However, sometimes taking a little time to collect your thoughts is the right move. Some interview questions you should see coming a mile away, i.e. “Why are you looking?” Others might not be so obvious. On the tougher questions, pause for a second. Collect your thoughts. Then, using the advice mentioned earlier, apply some structure to your answer. The caveat here is to not pause for most of your questions. If you pause a little bit, it comes across as a polished executive. If you pause all the time, you come across as calculating and guarded. You need to walk a tightrope. On the obvious questions, be spontaneous. On the tougher ones, take your time.

This is just one step in the overall process.  Remember to review the other five steps below to make sure you are fully prepared.

Six Steps to Prepare for an Interview

  1. Preparing & Answering Interview Questions
  2. Energy & Enthusiasm
  3. Pace
  4. Addressing Weaknesses
  5. Asking Questions
  6. Interview Checklist

Note: Click to download the entire Guide to Preparing for an Interview.