Interview Checklist

Checklist for Phone Interviews

  • Have your resume in front of you
  • Have a bullet list of the five projects you will use as examples
  • Have the “Interviewing the Interviewer” questions out
  • Stand – this will make a big difference

Checklist of On-Site Interviews

  • Dress professionally
    • Dark suit and white shirt for men
    • Dark suit or slacks and a high cut blouse for women
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Take extra copies of your resume
  • Make eye contact but don’t stare down the interviewer

Checklist for After the Interview

  • Send a thank you email
  • Make sure an email is sent to everyone you met

This is just one step in the overall process.  Remember to review the other five steps below to make sure you are fully prepared.

Six Steps to Prepare for an Interview

  1. Preparing & Answering Interview Questions
  2. Energy & Enthusiasm
  3. Pace
  4. Addressing Weaknesses
  5. Asking Questions
  6. Interview Checklist

Note: Click to download the entire Guide to Preparing for an Interview.