Free Sample Resumes and Job Interview Advice

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We often get requests for career advice from non-procurement professionals.  In the past we didn’t have the time or resources to help these candidates.  We tried to send these candidates to resources on the web but to be honest; there wasn’t a lot of good content out there.  So I decided to create a website with good free content to walk candidates through the job search process.  The new website is  This is a site that has a significant number of free resources to help any professional in their job search.’s Free Sample Resumes and Job Interview Advice

Free Sample Resumes – Hundreds (soon to be thousands) of free sample resumes across dozens of professions
Step 1. Create a Resume & Cover Letter – Talks about the importance of key words and maximizing the real estate on the page
Step 2. Get on LinkedIn – Explains why LinkedIn is the #1 place to be seen and how to increase your chances of recruiters finding you online.
Step 3. Use Recruiters – How and when to use recruiters
Step 4. Post Resumes – Gives advice on the best job boards, job board aggregators and using resume distribution services.
Step 5. Find Jobs –  Discusses alternative ways to find jobs that are not on the job descriptions.
Step 6. Master the Job Interview – Still working on this but will eventually have our new and improved interview guide
Step 7. Job References – Talks about the importance of checking references early in the process and how to “out” a bad reference before it costs you the job
Step 8. Negotiate Job Offer – Walks through the job offer process and talks about the do’s and don’ts.

The site is still in its beta stage.  We will be significantly improving it over the next couple of months.  If you have any constructive comments or tips on how to improve the site, we would love to hear them.

As always, if you are in Procurement, please check out our Jobs page for the latest openings in Purchasing Jobs, Supply Chain Jobs and Logistics Jobs.

Jeff Flannery
About the Author:

Mr. Flannery has many years of executive search, supply chain consulting experience, supply chain strategy, and process improvement. He has managed consulting projects for several Fortune 500 clients on three continents, including: Raytheon, IBM, Union Bank of California, H.J. Heinz, ConAgra, Eaton, Nestle, and Lucent Technologies. Mr. Flannery holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from the University of Northern Iowa and a Masters of Business Administration in Strategy from Indiana University.

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