Free Sample Resumes and Job Interview Advice

Share Tweet We often get requests for career advice from non-procurement professionals.  In the past we didn’t have the time or resources to help these [&hellip

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The Real Story on the State of the Employment Market

Share Tweet Wow, what a horrible market it is right now. Greece is bankrupt. California can’t pay its bills. The unemployment rate is 9.6%. Even [&hellip

Aug 24th, 20101 Comment

STAR Interview Method

Share Tweet The STAR method is best used for behavioral questions. These questions are fraught with peril as most candidates go off on tangents and [&hellip

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Structured Response Approach

Share Tweet One of biggest complaints we get from employers is that candidates ramble in interviews and can’t put structure around their answers. So what [&hellip

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What Clients Really Look For in a Candidate

When we post a job on our website, I often get several calls from prospective candidates. Everyone of them thinks they are a perfect candidate for the job. Unfortunately, most of them are not. That does not mean they are not good procurement professionals. It just means that they are not a good fit for that specific job. They reality is that clients are very picky on the types of experience they want candidates to possess. And in this economy, they are even more picky. To kick off my blog, I want to peel back the curtain and let all of you know the key attributes clients want in candidates.

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