Procurement Services Supervisor – Sacramento, CA

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To supervise and direct the work of the Agency’s Bidding and Procurement Unit functions; to coordinate with the design and construction teams and other functional units; and to provide excellent customer service.

Staff Supervision
Model supervisory strategies and approaches that demonstrate the Agency Cultural Objectives in all aspects of staff communication and supervision, when supervising directly or when coaching a staff member to whom you have delegated supervisory responsibility.
Supervisory duties include the responsibility to:
• Provide new employee orientation and training
• Ensure that assigned staff has appropriate equipment and knowledge of procedures for implementing the work objectives
• Monitor assignments and mainta in the level of productivity in the unit or department
• Assure quality of service to the internal and/or external customer base
• Establish performance objectives and provide ongoing feedback
• Write and conduct performance reviews that communicate both honest assessment and clear goals and objectives
• Conduct staff meet ings, resolve staff issues and build team relationships
• Communicate management’s position, Agency information and work chan ges to employees
• Comply with Agency policies and practices when acting on or reviewing personnel-related issues including, but not limited to: staff selection, salary offers, time off and overtime requests, employee complaints and concerns and termination

Minimum Qualifications: Associates Degree plus 6 years or High School Diploma/GED plus 8 years experience in procurement, labor compliance or related field. Candidate must have strong supervisory experience and excellent writing skills, possess strong communication skills, and attention to detail. Organizational skills & effective employee management skills are essential to this job. Advanced knowledge in Microsoft excel is preferred.
Preferred Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree plus 4 years in procurement, labor compliance or related field. Candidate must have strong supervisory experience and excellent writing skills, possess strong communication skills, and attention to detail. Organizational skills & effective employee management skills are essential to this job. Advanced knowledge in Microsoft excel is preferred.

Procurement Services

  • Works closely with Director of Administration in the development and implementation of the department’s goals and objectives, policies and procedures, including procedures for maintenance of contract service files and records; presents innovative methods for providing efficient and timely procurement services;
  • Assists in the preparation and administration of the department’s annual budget.
  • Confers with other Housing Authority staff to determine procurement needs, and areas of standardization; coordinates services with other Agency departments
  • Assists Director of Administration in recommending and establishing procurement documents, processes and procedures; resolves difficult and/or controversial purchasing problems; and recommends and implements improvements to purchasing procedures and policies.
  • Assists Director of Administration in developing procurement procedure manuals and process guides and training Housing Authority staff in procurement procedures.
  • Maintain, update, and interpret SHRA’s procurement policies and procedures; When required, consult with HUD and other federal agencies regarding interpretation of procurement regulations.
  • Establishes procedures to review and evaluate requisitions for supplies, materials, equipment, and services to completeness
  • Assisting and advising Housing Authority staff relating to buying standards, commodity supply sources and procurement timeliness.
  • Prepares a variety of reports related to Procurement and Contract responsibilities including the HUD Minority /Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Section 3 Annual Reports
  • Develop standardized solicitation and bidding documents and procedures to ensure a transparent, open, and fair selection process
  • Solicitations may take a variety of forms depending on the nature and size of the procurement and include, but are not limited to the following: Request for Quotations, Invitation to Bid, Request for Proposals, Request for Qualifications, Informal Solicitation, etc.
  • Direct Procurement staff efforts to identify, utilize, and maintain multiple sources of suppliers and contractors.
  • Develop streamlined, creative methods for obtaining goods and services including the use of blanket contracts for goods and supplies, and the use of cooperative intergovernmental agreements utilizing the selection processes and pricing established by other government agencies (State, City and County only)
  • Review and approve justifications for sole source or emergency procurements.
  • Direct the maintenance and management of contract and purchase order files, ensuring proper archiving of necessary records;
  • Coordinate public records requests of contracting and procurement documents.
  • Within the constraints of applicable laws, develop and implement programs and mechanisms to encourage the utilization of minority and women owned businesses
    (M/WBEs), small businesses and HUD Section 3 businesses.
  • Represent SHRA at local purchasing and minority expos.
  • Work with professional associations to identify M/WBE’s and small businesses interested in doing business with SHRA.
  • Provide training in government contracting procedures and laws to assist M/WBE’s and small businesses in competing for work in the public sector.

Labor Compliance

  • Manage the monitoring and enforcement of prevailing wages paid to construction workers on SHRA projects, ensuring that Procurement staff conduct sufficient field interviews of workers, review contractor and subcontractor payrolls in a timely manner and consistent with federal laws and regulations, and that investigations for potential fraud and underpayments are conducted fairly and accurately.
  • Coordinate prevailing wage information requests between HUD and SHRA.
  • Coordinate investigations with applicable agencies including, but not limited to, HUD, the U.S. Department of Labor, and California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)
  • Ensure that monitoring and enforcement efforts meet audit standards for compliance.
  • Direct the preparation of, and approve, the Semi-Annual Labor Standards Enforcement report to HUD
  • Manage contracting and purchasing functions to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in a manner that will ensure satisfactory audits;
  • Ensure sufficient internal controls are in place to prevent abuse and potential fraud.
  • Serve as the primary contact for the agency on issues related to contracting and purchasing in interacting with auditors from HUD’s Local Office of Public Housing, HUD’s Inspector General and HUD’s Labor Relations Office
  • Develop agency response to related audit findings and comments; negotiate with auditors on findings and comments as appropriate.

Contract Management

  • Works with agency staff to develop solicitations (Request for Proposals, Requests for Quotations, Invitations to Bid);
  • Communicates and acts as a liaison between vendors and department users to develop compromises and resolve contractual problems or complaints
  • Working closely with the Director of Administration, assists in writing, reviewing, Housing Authority contracts, including adherence to contract terms, procurement documents, and forms for completeness and compliance with Housing Authority policies and procedures;
  • Follows-up with insurance requirements and bonds; maintains contact with vendors; keeps informed of market conditions, trends, HUD, State and Federal Procurement and Contracting policies and ensures compliance with the agency’s procurement policy.
  • Makes changes as needed to policy to proactively conform with state and/or federal changes.


Outstanding organizational skills to plan, direct, manage, and oversee the activities and operations of all procurement for the department including contract administration, inventory control and purchasing.
Knowledge of:

  • Knowledge of procedures, methods, techniques, legal mandates and specification development of public competitive bid practices and procedures and contract
  • development.
  • Knowledge of the methods used in evaluating vendor capability and performance.
  • Knowledge of HUD Procurement and Contracting policies and procedures, and principles and practices of budgeting and budget control.
  • Knowledge of principles/ practices used in government purchasing, data collection and report preparation.
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of purchasing necessary to plan, analyze, develop, direct, control and evaluate a complex purchasing system.
  • Knowledge and ability to interpret and apply procurement practices and procedures, all laws, codes and regulations

Skills In:

  • Good written and oral communication and presentation skills.
  • Formatting routine business correspondence, reports, documents, manuals, and presentations.
  • MS Word/Excel

Abilities to:

  • Ability to organize, manage and implement a comprehensive procurement program.
  • Ability to analyze/evaluate commodity and service pricing and availability trends; prepare clear and concise reports; monitor outside service contracts;
  • Ability to travel to different sites and locations.

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