Procurement Salary Survey

We are happy to announce that the Teldar Group, the premier Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain executive search firm in the world, is rolling out a Salary Survey for procurement professionals.

The Teldar Group believes the marketplace is lacking a specific and comprehensive Salary Survey that pertains to Strategic Sourcing.  There are other surveys on the market, including the one produced by the ISM, but the Teldar Group believes that there is a significant gap in this area.  We feel these other surveys lack the scope and depth to be an effective tool for those in the industry to ascertain how they stack up with their peers.  This Salary Survey will only be for those with Strategic Sourcing expertise making this the only Salary Survey of its kind on the market today.  (We’ll be releasing another Salary Survey for only CPO’s and VP’s later this year.)  Your participation would insure the Teldar Group’s survey will be the preeminent benchmark for Strategic Sourcing talent in the United States.

Take The Procurement Salary Survey Now!

Why Should I Participate?

First, it’s free.  In addition, we will send you a customized report that compares your compensation against a peer group. Finally, if you complete the survey by May 11, 2012, you will be entered in a drawing to win a free Kindle Fire!

Who Is Eligible?

This survey is specific to strategic sourcing/procurement professionals that range from Buyer to Senior Director.  If you are a CPO/VP, please do not participate.  We are developing a separate survey for you that will be coming out shortly.  If you are a CPO interested in participating in that future survey, please email us at and we will send you an invitation when that survey is published.

How Long Will It Take?

The survey should take you no more than ten minutes.

How Do I get Started?

Simply click the button above and fill out the questions.  Again, it should take no more than ten minutes to complete the survey.