Job TG818: Director of Strategic Sourcing

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Highlights of the Director of Strategic Sourcing Position

One of the top Research and Academic university systems in the country is seeking a Director of Strategic Sourcing for their Procurement Organization. This will be part of a move to leverage spend across multiple campuses and build a World Class Procurement Organization to rival industry leaders. The goal is to position procurement to be a value adding organization rather than a cost element, putting them at the forefront of academic Strategic Sourcing.

Company Information

This university system is heralded for its cutting edge work and advanced Research initiatives. The Medical Center at one of the schools is in the news and known worldwide as being the best of the best. The other school is usually considered among the top public academic institutions in the country as well. What this university system is doing in procurement is ground breaking and there are other systems looking to do something similar across the country. They promote a work-life balance and a flexible work environment. They’re seeking those with strong team building skills, are innovative in their thought process, a risk taker, and overall have an aggressive mind set.

Job Location

Northern California

Key Responsibilities of Director of Strategic Sourcing Position

  • This school system is seeking someone to help rein in rogue procurement and fully utilize the e-procurement system that is being implemented over the campuses.
  • There could be as much as $400 million in spend across the two campuses which will include commodities such as IT, Telecom, Networking Services, Capital Equipment, Lab Supplies, Life Sciences, MRO, Office Supplies, and Business Services.
  • Looking for someone that can help promote and build a strong metrics program regarding cost savings, cost avoidance and supplier performance.  They are looking for ways to measure their savings and prove their worth.
  • Continue to influence the culture shift that’s taking place across the campuses as it pertains to Procurement, Supplier Management, e-Sourcing, etc.

Essential Qualifications and/or Requirements

  • Previous management experience, ideally a team of 3 or more.
  • This person must be a Leader and possess a collaborative style that will build consensus across teams and campuses throughout the whole system.  They would like this person to be able to build a team and gain credibility across the campus level.
  • Sophisticated procurement tools like e-sourcing, reverse auctions and advanced supplier management tools.
  • Looking for someone that will bring a commercial industry perspective to their procurement organization as they grow into an entity that will be envied not only in academia but also in the commercial world.
  • Seeking someone with a strong analytics background because they feel strongly about their team of Analysts and would like to encourage, foster and fully utilize the team they have currently in this area.
  • Must understand how to navigate a public entity from a political perspective.
  • Looking for someone to build strong long term relationships and identify opportunities for longer term buys when possible.
  • This person must be able to build motivation, have a sense of purpose, make the business move and capture the savings.
  • Experience with De-Centralized and consensus driven organizations.

Desired Qualifications

  • Specific commodity experience is not required, but some background in IT and Life Sciences would be desirable.
  • Would like someone who has been involved with taking things through the implementation phase and lived with the results they’ve created.

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