Job TG782: Senior Procurement Specialist

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Highlights of Senior Procurement Specialist Position

The role of Senior Procurement Specialist is intended to bolster the capability of the business unit’s Procurement team, particularly in the critical area of maintenance and turnaround services.

The successful candidate will be responsible for challenging third party spend arrangements for maintenance services to deliver reduced overall business unit costs.  This will include developing and implementing “best-in-class” contracting, strategic sourcing and procurement strategies.  The Senior Procurement Specialist must maintain an excellent working relationship with the Routine Maintenance and Turnaround teams, and continually deliver value to the Business Unit.  A strong focus on Continuous Improvement and Strategic Sourcing coupled with strict adherence to Group and Business Unit Procurement policies and guidelines is a must.

The successful candidate will have demonstrated ability to work effectively with a wide range of people, using a broad array of communication and influencing techniques and skills.  Essential components of the role will be to provide contracting expertise to the organization, lead continuous improvement teams and provide coaching and guidance to junior team members.

Company Information

Our client is a Fortune 20 global energy leader.  With a workforce of nearly 100,000 employees, the client operates globally, with business activities and customers in more than 100 countries across six continents.

Job Location

West Coast US

Key Responsibilities of Senior Procurement Specialist Position

  • Conduct ongoing market analysis, price and cost modeling, and leverage knowledge existing within the broader Procurement function to understand and articulate market trends and influences affecting maintenance and TAR contract services sector.
  • Optimize contracting and procurement strategies for circa $75-150m annual third party spend, across numerous contracts.  Ensure alignment between Business Unit site contracting strategies and market sector (Central Procurement) led initiatives and strategies to deliver maximum value.
  • Appropriately challenge demand/spend drivers and facilitate demand planning processes.  Assess business environment, consider contractor capabilities and Client-contractor interfaces to determine proper fit-for-purpose contract strategy.
  • Prepare and manage Request for Proposals (RFPs), and negotiate, prepare, and execute general and project-specific service contracts in accordance with business needs and formal Delegation of Authority.  Administer and maintain current accurate records and files of all contract agreements and related records.
  • Apply knowledge of commercial contract law and Client guidelines, practices and requirements to assess, plan and negotiate best terms and conditions and to minimize risk.
  • Establish and maintain sound professional relationships with suppliers.  Resolve issues (e.g. pricing, quality, timing, claims, contract disputes, etc.) associated with terms and conditions of service agreements.  Personally manage key supplier relationships as appropriate.
  • Perform supplier performance measurement and management activities, including maintain and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), for certain suppliers.
  • Promote and disseminate application of new technologies by contractors where risk, cost, or schedule may be reduced.
  • Track and report cost savings or avoidances.
  • Consult with and enlist corporate resources as needed (e.g. legal, insurance, tax, etc.).  Ensure compliance with Client Code of Conduct, and all Group and Procurement policies and guidelines by self, team members, and suppliers.
  • Manage timely and efficient purchase order support, and administration of Business Unit’s contractor cost tracking system (CCTS).
  • Ensure that sufficient resources are available to the team, and continually grow the Procurement skills base through coaching, targeted training, developmental assignments, succession planning, and competence assurance.

Essential Qualifications and/or Requirements

  • Minimum of five years of refining, petrochemicals, and/or petroleum exploration/production experience.
  • Minimum of five years of strategic procurement or related experience.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and application of various contract types, i.e. T&M, Lump Sum, Unit Rate, etc.
  • Bachelor Degree or higher.
  • Strong communication, influencing, and teamworking skills.
  • Excellent analytical, judgment and decision-making skills.
  • High degree of initiative and ability to work independently

Desired Qualifications

  • Minimum of ten years of total relevant experience.
  • Significant experience in both strategic sourcing and contracts management.
  • Professional designation (e.g. C.P.M. or equivalent).
  • Procurement/Supply Chain Management, Business Administration or Engineering degree

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