Temporary or Interim

We have over 3,000 procurement professionals across numerous commodities and geographies that are open to temporary work. Candidates usually work anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

When to Employ Temporary or Interim Searches

Hiring Freeze –If the workload is too high but a hiring freeze is in place, temporary professionals can fill the gap.

Special Projects – Clients all have special projects that they either lack the manpower or the skill sets to tackle. Contract an expert to manage the project and then they leave when it is complete.

Open Position – It takes about 90 days to fill a new position plus another 30 days for the candidate to start. That is 120 days that a position stayed open. In the interim, hire a contract employee to fill the gap.

Fee Structure for Temporary or Interim Searches

Candidates are paid on an hourly or daily rate. We handle all the back office work and send a weekly invoice.