Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing and it is the latest innovation in the recruiting world. RPO can range from hiring one of our recruiters to be on site for a few months to a client outsourcing their entire recruiting process.

In addition, we offer consulting services. This ranges from procurement compensation studies to organizational development to creating job descriptions.


Contract Recruiters – We can dedicate highly trained full time PSCM recruiters on-site or remotely to fill a short term hiring surge. These engagements range from one to six months. Recruiters are billed at a competitive day rate plus expenses.

Team Evaluation – Is your team world class? We can help establish and measure individual procurement professionals on leadership and technical skills. The process starts with an agreed upon benchmark of skills, followed by testing, interviews, and summarized in organizational reports that provide development plans and exit strategies if necessary. The fees for this service are project based.

Organizational Design – Are you thinking of restructuring the organization to better fit the needs of the business? We can help. Often times, companies design an organization to fit the needs of the business while ignoring the external marketplace for talent. We know how world class organizations are structured. We also know how to design positions so they can fit the business needs but also make them attractive to the talent pool. The fees for this service are project based.

Compensation Study – Are you losing high performers or failing to attract external talent due to compensation?  Are you questioning the benchmark data HR is providing?  Most compensation studies benchmark companies without recognizing the difference between companies that utilize “strategic procurement” vs. companies that are more old-school.  This creates a huge discrepancy in the compensation averages.  All you need to do is look at the annual ISM compensation study to recognize the numbers seem wrong.  With thousands of data points and the ability to do primary research, we can create a customized compensation study for your company.  The fees for this service are project based.