A container is a shared risk model where each party has skin the game.  The client pays an engagement fee upfront while the Teldar Group guarantees three qualified candidates.  If we fail to deliver, the client gets the engagement fee returned.  This is a win/win situation where the client gets guaranteed results and the Teldar Group gets a little revenue up front to compensate us for our resources.

When to Employ a Container Search

Search Open Long Time – If the search has been open more than three months and there are very few viable candidates, the container approach is appropriate.

Desire Passive vs. Active Candidates – Excellent strategic sourcing organizations would rather fill their position with candidates who are currently working or not necessary active in the market. First, these candidates usually bring more value to your organization. Second, it is possible to find a superstar on the job boards like Monster or Yahoo; however most of the time you find individuals with little to no relevant experience. Third, in most cases, your internal HR/recruiting department lacks the ability to access and recruit these candidates. This is especially important if the candidate you seek comes from a competitor or similar industry.

Competitive Market – If the market is competitive for your talent pool, a container is the way to go.

Extremely Difficult Role – In addition to senior roles, at times companies have roles that are extremely difficult to fill. This could be due to location, scarcity of a specific skill set, company image problems (recent product recall, bankruptcy, etc.). In these situations, having guaranteed resources on a search is the best choice.

Fee Structure for Container Searches

A container is broken into two payments. The first payment is an engagement fee that is due upfront. The second fee is the success fee and is due 30 days after the candidate starts the position. The total fee is based off a percentage of the candidate’s salary. The Teldar Group will guarantee three qualified candidates in 4 weeks or will refund the engagement fee if we do not deliver.